Wednesday, May 30, 2012

C's Story

When Fr. Maciel came to visit us that summer, we all ate outside and he was at a head table and they called me up to meet him. He looked at me and said " you have a vocation to be 3rd Degree Regnum Christi!". That was a lot of pressure to carry around for a lot of years. If he said it, it must be true. It took my brother telling me five years later while I was in the candidacy that I shouldn't hold onto that and it was OK for me to leave, and I couldn't base my decision on what Fr. Maciel had told me. What if I hadn't had my brother there as someone I trusted? I know I would have become consecrated out of guilt.
When I decided to leave the PC after one year I was asked not to, and to wait and think about it because it would be too hard on the other girls if I left right then. I went home that week but with much guilt laid on me for being selfish.

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